The first feelings you have

How and why did you write this book?


Writing "Therapy" was just that, a release of people, things, negative thoughts, bad habits, etc. I was in a relationship, or so I thought, and it was becoming so strenuous and toxic to my well-being that it had to end. I was depressed, and no one knew; I was moody, to say the least. I was having early menopause of the brain. I had to do something to change my life, or I would spiral and dwindle into nothingness.

During that process, I was in therapy and began applying what I was learning to all aspects of my life. I began to pray more and think positively about myself and my surroundings. Once I let go of all the "bad juju," someone new entered my life and showed me what I was missing, wanting, and needing in my life.

I know some people won't understand or like the fact I added God in a lot of the book. Still, if you read and comprehend the text, you'll realize that it's a transformation of me returning to the compassionate and loving person I once was and now continue to be.