How did Stages of Love come about?


I read about the five stages of grief and thought it an interesting concept to reverse it and see what comes out of love and all its aspects—switching the stages to manifest love because it must be processed just like grief. "You can't deal with the problem unless you know the underlying issue." Relationships begin and end so quickly these days. Is it due to lack of communication, jealousy, "daddy/mommy issues," ignorance, lack of care, or just laziness and lack of effort?

This book explores it all. When it's new and exciting to someone who wants to control the other, it sets off anger and is confused about what's going on. Then it shifts and moves to the lack and unknowing and having no confidence of depression and bargaining with your partner to "do better," all the while accepting who and what your partner truly means to you.

Do you stay or go and begin again or stay by yourself? If you remain, you're choosing the other person, relishing that you are meshing and becoming true partners. Feeling the "real love" everyone refers to, and the cycle revolves and evolves every season and year; you fight to stay in the rhythm and rotation that are the "Stages of Love."