When you're in the mood

How did you come up with For... and why that title?

I remembered many unbelievable stories from high school, on my travels, and from “ear hustling” friends of friends. I also have a very vivid imagination, so I used that to create this phenomenal book. It’s a combination of all that and more. With a few short stories, you experience an animalistic eroticism feel, which allows these stories and your heart rate to hasten and have an exhilarating tone that matches the fulfillment.

The name just came to me because I’m writing it for YOU. For every woman who wants to fantasize about things, they’ve never done or wanted to try. You can learn that being a “freak” isn’t a bad word and gain power from it. It’s to help jumpstart your libido and increase your bedroom’s longevity.

Explore yourself, your partner, and this book for inspiration. So it is, and so it shall remain.

Book Description

For… is a collection of six short romantic stories. The inspiration for the book is described as “purely sexual in nature” and is explicit in its descriptions of sexual encounters from an unexpected connection with a trucker to a school-girl crush-come- true with the new principal. The stories have a quick pace and an excited tone that is well-matched to the content.