August 19, 2022     

Kirkus Review



Christian D. Maddison

Self (168 pp.)

$24.99 hardcover, $9.99 e-book

ISBN: 979-8845992130

August 19, 2022



Women enjoy rapturous sex—or grow cantankerous when they don’t get it—in these erotic stories.

Maddison’s tales center on single women in the Atlanta metropolitan area who seem to share a taste for a particular type of man—tall, muscular yet “thyck,” bald, bearded, great at cooking, and who enjoy scented candles and rose petals. They include a woman named Chris in “The Trucker,” who encounters attractive truck driver Marcus at a Walmart and soon has sex with him in the bunk bed of his rig; Bronwyn in “Mr. X,” who hooks up with a man she meets online and then dumps him when he reveals he videotaped their passionate sex; and a nameless woman in “The Barber” who dates gentlemanly barber Spike for months before they get around to volcanic lovemaking. Less satisfied is Lyric in “The Musician,” who’s dazzled by Thaddeus, a well-heeled young dreamboat who lights so many candles that she’s “surprised the house hasn’t caught fire,” but finds him a clumsy lover. One tale, “The Principal,” features KiKi, a high school junior and self-described “ultimate bad girl” who enrages the principal Mr. Mosley with her scandalous attire and is delighted when he subjects her to carnal “punishment” in a soundproofed chamber adjoining his office. Maddison’s stories feature cheerful narrators who know what they want and pursue it avidly. The formulaic plots efficiently usher the characters into sexual adventures amid flirty banter full of double-entendres. The sex scenes feature lavish similes and metaphors that are imaginative, if not always entirely coherent: “He latched onto my wetlands as though it were the Sahara Desert, and he was a thirsty traveler….Thrusting his leviathan into my catacomb in search of a song no other has ever heard before.” Readers who enjoy stories with a tone of flowery tawdriness will not be disappointed.

A vigorous, if sometimes inelegantly written, collection of softcore romps.



November 2021  "OMG! So, THIS BOOK!!!!"

I love it, it makes me feel like I'm reading somebody's old school diary.  My favorite thing is the difference in "handwriting."  It made me feel like there were different emotions at the time. The anger, the calmness, etc.  I can go on and on.  I can't even close it cause I'm all in.

--- K. Foster


October 2021  "Proud friend"

I can't believe I know someone who wrote and published this amazing book!  So proud of you, Chris.  I look forward to seeing what else you come up with and where it takes you.

--- P. Adams


October 2021  "Loyal reader and fan"

I can feel your feelings. The pain, the anger, the happiness, and the confidence of regaining yourself.  When you wrote, "I Hate You," I felt as though you were yelling at me.  I can't wait for the next book!

--- C. Phillips


February 2022  "5.0 out of 5 stars, Great when it's good"

I’m giving this book of poetry 5 stars because when it’s good, it’s really good. The author has great command over words and expresses universal truths in unique ways. My only complaint is the religious poems. They do not go well with the theme of the book. Otherwise, I recommend this book.

---Sureshot, Amazon


April  2022  "A quick pace and excited tone"

For… is a collection of six short romantic stories. The inspiration for the book is described as “purely sexual in nature” and is explicit in its descriptions of sexual encounters from an unexpected connection with a trucker to a school-girl crush-come-true with the new principal. The stories have a quick pace and an excited tone that is well-matched to the content.



July 8, 2022  "A poetic book on the healing process of one's heart and emotion after a breakup or failed relationship"

In summary, this book talks about personal experiences of lies, shadows, and covered-up emotions that arise after a breakup and how to heal from them. It's a poetic story that unfolds the state of the writer's heart from the breakup to the healing state despite the hurting, confused, and depressed state of mind. Like this book, therapy is a healing process that answers the confusing questions of a broken heart. This book shows us how this therapy takes place.

After going through a hard breakup of an “overdue” relationship, Christian D Maddison sourced the strength for her convalescence and has written this book to help people in similar situations who are ready for a change. This is more than a writer trying to sell a well-written book. It is an opportunity to help root out the severe emotional consequences of heartbreak. Sometimes, we all want to feel our humanity, and we unconsciously slide into the routine of depression, pain, and hurt that can harm one's health. But believe me, reading this 100-page book is a significant investment.

I believe that genuine healing comes from the heart, which was well captured in the book. The content was well organized in the manner of typical relationship expectations and experiences from “introduction to expiration." I appreciated the openness of the writer that was honestly displayed on every page of the book. There were no critics on how to grieve or how wild a person's imagination could get after a breakup. Instead, it embraced the frailty of the reader to help mend the tear that had been created—giving you a chance to feel your pain, ponder on what could have been different, and move past the struggle.

At the beginning of the book, the dominant emotion was the depression and hollowness created by the heartbreak. However, as I progressed in reading, I could see the light, and I began to gain understanding. Poems are indeed hard to crack. The ability to find pleasure and answers in reading them is always worthwhile. The understanding that comes with knowing that a problem has a solution is enough reason to enable one to reach out to the solution. This is my favorite part of the book.

I'll rate Therapy for a Broken Heart: Emotional Relationship Poetry by Christian D Maddison 4 out of 4 stars. It contains every fundamental heart-healing process in just a few pages, making reading convenient and less discouraging. I don't dislike anything about this book. I recommend this book to anyone who is going through or has gone through a heartbreak. In the writer's own words, “This book is for all people of all ages, who have ever gone through or are currently going through heartbreak and have FINALLY decided to let go of those feelings and move on." But the book is not really for “all ages" because of the sexual or erotic content in the book. I recommend this book to mature readers, as it might damage a child's mental health.

                                              ---Peace NK


 July 23rd, 2022

The title of the book is captivating and your review (Peace NK) has just complemented it by posing out its great insights. This could really be a great read.

                                           ---Phooko Tebogo


July 8, 2022

Thank you for your review. (Peace NK) I like how the author got inspired by personal experience to enlighten others.

                                          --- Ezidimma 01


July 8, 2022

Heartbreak can be quite nasty and sometimes led most people into doing the unimaginable. It would come in handy for people who have experienced heartbreak.