*Warning* My books contain explicit, adult, scenarios and verbiage. Not for anyone under 18.

About Me

An Alluring Author

As an author specializing in relationship poetry and erotic romance, I've dedicated myself to exploring the depths of emotional and sensual experiences through my writing. This journey as has allowed me to connect with readers across the United States and Europe. My work is characterized by its brevity and mystery; inviting readers into a world where every word is a glimpse into the heart's most profound emotions and desires.

My venture into writing began as a personal quest for healing. Amid the solitude of the pandemic, following a painful breakup, I found solace in penning down my tumultuous sea of feelings. This period of introspection and creative outpouring resulted in the creation of eight books on relationship poetry and erotic romance. Three of these have since been published and are available on Amazon, including my inaugural work, "Therapy for a Broken Heart. Also included on Amazon; "For...," a collection of erotic romance short stories tantalize and awaken the senses; and "Stages of Love," which further explores the circular patterns of relationships.

In addition to my published works, I offer a range of services to support and inspire fellow writers and enthusiasts. As a ghostwriter, I lend my voice to those seeking to articulate their thoughts and stories but might not have the means to do so. My consultation service, starting with a complimentary 30-minute session, is designed to provide personalized advice and strategies for aspiring authors, ensuring they have the support needed to bring their visions to life.

For those interested in diving into the realms of love, loss, and liberation or seeking guidance on their writing journey, I invite you to explore my collection or reach out for a consultation. My work and services are a testament to the power of words to navigate the complexities of the human heart. Contact me at [email protected] to discover more ab out my offerings and how we can embark on this journey together.


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