*Warning* My books contain explicit, adult, scenarios and verbiage. Not for anyone under 18.

Interview With Christian D. Maddison

I was born and grew up in Colorado Springs, CO, as an only child until I was 9, and then my brother came along. I had a vast and wild imagination and loved to make up stories, sing, and write music. English was and always will be my favorite subject. The older I became, the more advanced my writing developed.

Being an only child and the first grandchild, I was afforded a lot. Spoiled, some may say. I read a lot of Dr. Seuss, Sesame Street, newspaper comics, and kid books. I was always amazed at what Dr. Seuss came up with. The names and colors were so weird and different, and I knew it just made me happy. Reading about Sesame Street characters seemed as though I was reading about friends down the street since I watched them on TV as well.

A tornado with a side of crazy, a couple of animals—there's always a Mickey Mouse something around—papers, notebooks, notecards, and a file holder for good measure.

I have support and encouragement from a special friend.

Books always have so much more detail than movies or TV shows, so no matter what book I read, I insert myself and become a character. My all-time favorite, though, is The Color Purple. Then there's Where the red fern grows. A day no pigs would die—the Velveteen Rabbit and, of course, my own. They're all so different, yet they have similar messages. Freedom, love, care, and friendship. I like books that have meaning and make me feel something, just like I want my fans to do the same.

I listen to music, watch TV, and relax. Sometimes a poem or story will not let me rest until I write it. Reinterpreting songs is fun for me. It forces me to use my brain separately and together at the same time.

No, but I do remember the first song I wrote. My grandmother had a bronze plaque in the kitchen with some type of farmer saying on it. Something like, "Let the wealthy and great roll in splendor and state; I envy them not, and I declare it. I eat my own lamb, my chickens, and ham; I shear my own fleece, and I wear it." I guess I still remember it.

My fans are everything to me!!! I love meeting new people and hearing how my books have helped their lives.

For... is an ongoing creation. I remember many unbelievable stories from high school, on my travels, and from “ear-hustling” friends of friends. I also have a very vivid imagination, so I used that to create this phenomenal book. I tried to put a bit of everything in it. With the short stories, you experience more in a short period of time, and your heart rate hastens and there is an exhilaration that matches the fulfillment.

Every woman or man fantasizes about things they’ve never done or wanted to try, no matter if they're straight, LGBTQ, couples, or single. You can learn that being a “freak” isn’t a bad word and gain power from it. It’s to help jumpstart your libido and increase your bedroom’s longevity.

Sometimes a cover just is, and sometimes it takes a minute to realize what I want it to really be. My first book, Therapy for a Broken Heart, had a heart talking to a shrink on the couch. It was too cartoony and too literal. I like the cover now, but I still think I want to change it again. Just like For..., the cover, to me, gives a bit of mystery and intrigue.

I didn't. English was and always will be my favorite subject. In the 6th grade, I was one of six children chosen to write in the camping log of the school's annual field trip to the mountains that the school published. One of the many achievements that made me proud. I wrote for fun. Class projects, essays, term papers, and research papers all excited me.

I've always passed the time by writing and exploring. Writing poetry always came naturally, and the erotic stories, well, I liked watching my teachers read them and get embarrassed or flustered. I remember in high school, some friends and I created our own secret notebooks, so teachers wouldn't know what we were talking about if we got caught.

My joy is making other people happy.

I like spending time with friends, watching TV, listening to and watching Broadway, and sleeping.

I've tried all the social media and have been on the computer for hours, posting and tweeting, pinning, commenting, joining book clubs, and all that. I'm not sure if any of it has worked, but I'm hopeful.

I have several more books in the works, but Stages of Love is the prequel to my first book, "Therapy for a Broken Heart. I didn't realize it until I began to edit the book. It's another relationship poetry book about the never-ending cycle that everyone goes through in relationships. I've also begun to finish my fourth book, "Fragmented," and work on the next volume of "For.".

I'm on several social media sites, including IG, Twitter, Tumblr, and a few others. My handle is always CDMaddbooks and you can Google me for more info


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