*Warning* My books contain explicit, adult, scenarios and verbiage. Not for anyone under 18.

Who am I ?

My name isn't important right now, but I will tell you that I write short, edgy, emotional, impactful, powerful poetry and erotic romance stories. I write for people who have been hurt or are hurting.

My books will either take you on an emotional roller coaster or make you want to smoke even if you don't. I only write from a personal standpoint and encompass all my feelings at that time. Being open and honest through my writing allows others to be vulnerable and see themselves for the first time.

An Alluring Author

As an author specializing in relationship poetry and erotic romance, I've dedicated myself to exploring the depths of emotional and sensual experiences through my writing. This journey as has allowed me to connect with readers across the United States and Europe. My work is characterized by its brevity and ...

A Mysterious Author's Journey

In the world of literature, I stand out not just for my writing but for the mystique that surrounds me. My books are short, yet they pack a punch, delving into the complexities of human emotions and relationships. This brevity and depth have become my hallmark, distinguishing my work in the crowded literary ...

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