*Warning* My books contain explicit, adult, scenarios and verbiage. Not for anyone under 18.


Christian Devon Maddison

I am Christian Devon Maddison, an author whose essence is woven into the fabric of every word I write. My journey through the realm of relationships, love, heartbreak, and healing is not just a subject of my writing but a reflection of my life. Through heartfelt poetry, I delve into the intricacies of human emotion, drawing from the well of my own experiences to create works that resonate with the depth of the soul. My books are not mere collections of words; they are poignant masterpieces that explore the path of overcoming the scars left by tumultuous past relationships and finding solace in the aftermath.

Writing for me is more than a profession—it is a mission. I write about what I know, what I've lived, and the battles I've fought to emerge stronger on the other side. My goal is not to please everyone but to speak my truth in the hope that it resonates with someone somewhere. If my words can provide solace or inspire even one person, then I consider my purpose fulfilled. Yet, the journey doesn't end there; for every soul untouched, there remains more work to be done.

In the mirror of society, I see myself as a myriad of contradictions—a reverse mirror in a funhouse, a two-sided door leading nowhere, embodying the spectrum of human experience. I am a reflection of you, regardless of your identity, experiencing life's pains and pleasures alike. My story is one of conflict and reflection—a narrative of being imprisoned by societal judgments while simultaneously being a victim of my own making.

My identity is as complex as the stories I tell. Having survived racism, sexism, colorism, and fat-shaming, I stand tall in spirit, if not in stature. Controversial yet unknown, I am a voice for the unspoken tests and trials no one sees or wishes to acknowledge. Yet, in declaring "I am who I am," I choose to identify as cellophane—transparent, often overlooked, but essential, wrapping my experiences into words that seek to heal and liberate not just myself but others who find themselves barricaded within their minds.


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