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A celebration of life and an authors frustration

August 22, 2022

What a weekend! Celebrating my birthday has never been so...exhausting. Lunches, dinners, family, friends. I felt the love and am now back to "author mode".
On to the next book(s) to edit, revise, add and publish. Not sure if anyone will actually buy anything I write. I know my books are traveling without me. Norway, Sweden, and Denmark are some of the places I found my book.
The first book is poetry. Well, most of what I write is poetry. The erotic romance is an ongoing project. It's hard to do two-sided conversations. Poetry is easier. I just write how I feel and hope it rhymes a little.
Radio interviews, podcasts, radio shows. I need a new PC with more memory to store all of this in my brain. A new laptop too. Mine is good but old and the way things are happening, I need to keep up with it all.
This is ALL a new experience and I don't have all the funds necessary to keep up. Praying that the new book will take off because the first one is in Kindle Unlimited limbo. Ugh! It's so frustrating!
Everyone is trying to sell me master classes or marketing or everything else. I paid someone for a review and have yet to hear back. Maybe it was a scam? I find that happens a lot. I don't know, just rambling off most of the crazy thoughts circling my head right now.
Hoping a celebrity will see me, like me, tweet me, DM me, or something. Looking to share my stuff with the world.

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